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Belonging to or affecting a particular person rather than anyone else.

My Story

As a kid I was always running or throwing, kicking or riding...doing anything active and as I've got older, nothing has changed! I’m a cricket loving, football fanatic; a paddle boarding, bike riding, road running outside addict. I just love to be doing something. It doesn’t have to be exhausting, it doesn’t always have to be timed or a personal best, it does however, have to be enjoyable…and that is also how I see my work.

Running has been a passion of mine for many years and I have completed two full marathon’s, several half marathons and many 10Km’s & 5Km’s along with more country roads than I care to remember….and watching a client smash a PB, reach that marathon finish line or simply just run makes this job so highly satisfying.

I want to see you move and improve. That’s it….easy huh? YES!!!!
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    Linda's Story

    Starting my fitness journey with PT sessions with Andy was the best decision I have ever made. His motivational teaching style gave me the encouragement and will power I needed to succeed and I went from being obese and borderline diabetic to losing over 4 stone.

    I also found my own passion for running, which has amazingly given me podium finishes over various distances. His extensive knowledge and passion for fitness is so contagious I just want to continue to push my own fitness boundaries. Since starting with Andy, I am literally a whole new person and now a qualified Personal Trainer, I know right!!!!.
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    Kelvin's Story

    During my 20s, my weight spiralled out of control and when I reached 30, I was nearly 21st and needed to act fast, so I enlisted the help of Andy. With his help, commitment and dedication, I shed over 8 stone in 9 months.

    Andy really listened to the goals I laid out to him and if you follow his advice, training plans, and stick to it, you will achieve your goals too! His encouragement is limitless, his experience speaks volumes and it is never a mundane or boring workout when training with him.

    Andy's personality shines through in all of his sessions and not only is he an expert trainer, he gives normality to personal training and makes it accessible to everybody, regardless of size/shape/age, and this really helped me to feel comfortable and confident. Had I not trained alongside Andy, I have no doubt I would have given up after a month or two and I would have been back to square-one.
  • Xander's Story

    I have been working with Andy since the end of August 2020. As a 14-year-old confidence is something very important for me and was something I lacked until I started doing the sessions with Andy. No one has helped me with that problem to the extent that Andy has as he always makes a great effort for me and has built me up to be the person I am today.

    He has also helped me make leaps and bounds with my asthma, which I’ve struggled with ever since I can remember, helping me overcome problems (allowing me to steadily move past my need to take medication) and has turned exercise from something I hated, due to the pain I had to endure whenever I did aerobic finesses, into something I love.

    The first few sessions are the hardest, even though you will physically push yourself in later sessions. This is due to Andy getting an understanding of where you’re at. For what he’s done I’m truly grateful for! He is a person I can truly admire!


The action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behaviour.

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